get paid to travel

Hello! My name is Kevin Beasley and I love to travel.

I’m assuming, since you are perusing this site, you do too! That’s awesome.

My favortie destination is the Alaskan wilderness.

Some time ago, I wrote a book about my journeys to Alaska. What I realized was that I love telling those stories. As a matter of fact, check out this quote from my book

“The only thing better than telling stories is living them. And I have lived no better stories than the ones I have experienced in the Last True Wilderness: Alaska.”    -Kevin E Beasley in “What if… Why not?” the book.

Over the past couple years, upon reflecting on my exerience with writing, I realized that I can combine my two favorite hobbies, storytelling and Alaska, and make money.

I was introduced to an amazing affiliate blogging community​ and a whole new world of potential opened up to me through affiliate marketing. I began to work my way through the training curriculum and started building a new website for the purpoose of storytelling, helping others experience what I’ve experienced and making money.

It has been a ton of fun!

Now my desire is to help you, the travel loving writer, to do the same.

Soak in this site. Read every article. Join the community that got me started (you can try it for free). And start a journey that will bring you loads of fulfillment, and if you work hard and stay persistent will even pay you to travel and write.

Have fun and May Your Hard Work be Rewarded Abundantly!