What about Wealthy Affiliate? 5 Things I Love.

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paid travel bloggingWhen it comes to getting paid to write articles for my travel blog, the number one most important factor in keeping me motivatetd and on task is being part of a blogging community. I totally believe you will discover that the encouragement you get from other bloggers as you are developing your own travel blog will help you stay focused and persistent as you build out the content of your site. And beyond the persistence and hard work of developing content, you will need a great training program to help you get your site and affiliate links up as efficiently and as effectively as possible.

An encouraging community and effective training is why I love Wealthy Affiliate when it comes it comes to a paid platform for developing my business!

More Productivity in 6 Weeks than in 6 Years

I worked on my own sites for years and I loved building WordPress platforms for my brick-and-mortar business and for toying around on the blogosphere. I spent hour upon hour putting together content and designing pages that I felt would draw crowds onto my online real estate. But the more I built, the more discouraged I became as those sites would start out great and then fizzle away due to my lack of understanding of how to monetize them.

When I found Wealthy Affiliate, my productivity skyrocketed as I worked through the training modules. My persistence also increased due to the extremely supportive community of people I found at Wealthy Affiliate. From Kyle and Carson at the top to the blogger that joined the sites minutes earlier, I always got helpful and speedy replies to my questions and concerns. And the customer support was amazing. I always received responses back to support tickets wtihin minutes. This made my sites grow so much faster than they ever had in the past. They say time is money and it couldn’t be more true in the online marketing space!

5 Amazing Features in a Nutshell

There are dozens of features built into your premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate, but here are 8 of my favorite benefits:

  1. Extremely Interactive and Supportive Communityget paid travel blog
  2. Thorough training that is Easy to Follow
  3. A Great Source for Site Comments and Feedback
  4. 25 Hosted Sites at No Extra Charge
  5. Lightning Fast Support No Matter Your Need
  6. One of the Most Profitable Affiliate Programs on the Internet

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Wealthy Affiliate’s Interactive and Supportive Community

Within five minutes of joining Wealthy Affiliate and completing my profile, I was greeted by a dozen or more fellow affiliate marketers offering their encouragement and support. It was immediately obvious that I had found a group of people who were ready and willing to help me every step of the way. Whether I had a simple question about where to find a tool or needed more technical help with building my site, someone was always there, whether it was through the user questions system or the live chat. There are several ways to find answers to every question on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Even the owner of the site, Kyle, popped into my PM box to offer assistance from time to time.

I honestly have never been a part of  a more supportive and helpful group of people than at Wealthy Affiliate. The help and support systems on the site exponentally sped up the site building process. And the encouragment I got from fellow content developers helped me to stay more on track and motivated in my writing end design efforts.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Thorough Training that is Easy to Follow

Before locking into Wealthy Affiliate, I checked into several other training programs for affiliate marketing. They were all very exciting and I stuck in there with the training for a while. But the thing I noticed as the rubber met the road was that there was a lot of fluff and emotions and a lack of execution in the other programs.

What impressed me most about Wealthy Affiliate was the fact that Kyle and the other trainers were so down to Earth and intentional in their training. There was no get rich quick element and it was extremely practical. One hour of training equalled one hour’s worth of training. In the other brands, I would learn very little practical application techniques in an hour training.

If you are looking for great motivational speakers to get your emotions riled up, this is not the company for you. Expect extremely practical rubber meets the road training from the folks at Wealthy Affiliate!

A Great Source for Comments and Site Feedback

Comments on blog posts or pages is an indicator Google uses to measure authority of a site. Higher authority sites push up higher in the page rankings. Wealthy Affiliate has a give and take comment system. As you offer 2 comments on other WA member posts or pages, you have the ability to request one comment on a site you own. I like the 2-1 ratio as it ensures folks are giving more to the community than they are taking, which makes the community stronger.

Site Feedbacks are another great resource in the WA community. The site feedback system works on a 2-1 ratio like the site comments system. I have received some excellent suggestions and feedback that has helped me improve my site tremendously using the system provided by Wealthy Affiliates.

25 Hosted Websites at No Extra Cost

This is one of my favorite benefits of WA. If you are a premium member, you have the ability to run 25 sites off the hosting platform for no more than your monthly fee. Domains are also available at a discount. I usually pay $13-14 for a .com. I am currently running 3 sites off WA, but it is reassuring to know that anytime I want to develop a new site, all I have to do is click a button and it’s up, fully loaded with a WordPress platform and the necessary plugins to create effective SEO.

Lightning Fast Support No Matter Your Need

I have had amazing support experience with WA. I have never waited more than 10 minutes to get my ticket answered and solved and I’ve never had to go back a second round. The support is super fast and the techs are friendly and helpful. No one has ever made me feel like an idiot because I didn’t know what I was doing. A+ Customer Support!

One of the Most Porfitable Affiliate Programs on the Internet

Wealthy Affiliate has developed an off-the-charts affiliate program that pays almost 50% commission and is recurring. Their cookies never expire and you get commissions recurring monthly for monthly memberships, annual memberships, their sister site Jaxxy, domain purchases and other generous commissions. There is an affiliate link to almost every page on the site including blogs, user blogs, trainings and just about any other link you would want to share.

Their tracking system is very detailed and meaty for any level affiliate marketer. I received my first referral within 4 weeks of joining. WA makes it super easy to direct people to the site with your affiliate code intact!

What about Wealthy Affiliate?

With all that said, I am sure that Wealthy Affiliate is the blogging community that I want to build a business with.

They are not perfect, as no company is, but they have invested many years of hard work into creating a platform that is super user friendly and designed to promote and support interaction from member to member. This makes it easy to get help whenever you need it – 24/7/365.

If you are going to build a travel blog for the purpose of making money, I would highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate as the company that can resource and motivate you to fuflill all your desires for your travel blog!


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